Four Key Silver Aluminum Keypad Shell Enclosure - MX Compatible Switches

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For all the DIY keebfans in the house here is a super sleek and sturdy 4-Key Aluminum Keypad Shell in Silver, the perfect base to begin your custom keypad project. You provide the PCB in the housing and bolt it into this base. Makes for a prettier build with more protection than just layers of PCB or acrylic. While it's designed for a custom PCB, you could also just snap in 4 keys and 'free wire' them. Comes with one anodized silver aluminum enclosure and a clear acrylic bottom that screws on with two M2 bolts.

Designed for use with any "Cherry MX" keyswitches or compatibles, like Kailh or Gateron.

Note: This is just the keypad shell. Don't forget to grab some keycaps and switches.

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Technical Details

Product Specs
  • Keyholes: 14mm x 14mm
  • Key spacing: 19mm
  • screw type: M2
  • screw length: 4mm

inner dimensions for pcb: 

  • length: 80mm
  • width: 21.5mm
  • height: 5mm
  • screw receptacle diameter: 3mm 
  • screw receptacle height: 3.5mm
  • distance from screw receptacle center to end (length): 21mm
  • distance from screw receptacle center to end (width): 3.5mm

end connector dimensions: 

  • outer length: 8mm
  • outer height: 4mm
  • inner length: 11.75mm
  • inner height (from inner bottom to top of outer connector opening height): 1mm
  • inner width: 3mm


Cut, Copy, & Paste from a single, stylin' keypad!