Medium Panel Mount USB Trackpad with Three Buttons

Product ID: 5061


Add a cool touch interface with your project with this Panel Mount USB Trackpad with Three Buttons that is super easy to use and interface with. Simply plug it into your computer (desktop of single-board-linux type), it will appear as an external mouse with left and right buttons plus a middle button.

These look like they're laptop replacement parts, but we're not sure what laptop. Still, they work great! Perfect for use with an embedded computer setup that needs a pointer but you don't have a touchscreen, and not enough space for a mouse.

We also have a similar version with two buttons, and one with a trackball instead of a trackpad.

Play video: New Products 07/08/21 feat. Adafruit 24LC32 I2C EEPROM Breakout - 32Kbit / 4 KB - Stemma QT!

Technical Details

  • Overall dimensions: 113mm x 81mm x 7.5mm
  • Touchpad dimensions: 68.5mm x 51.5mm
  • Cable length: 1.5m