M5Stack ESP32 Timer Camera X with 8 MB PSRAM

Product ID: 4959


M5Stack's Timer Camera X is an all-in-one camera module based on ESP32, integrated with ESP32 chip and has 8M PSRAM. Why so much PSRAM? Well, the camera can shoot up to 2048x1536 resolution photos(!). The module also comes with a built-in 140mAh battery and LED status indicator. There is a reset button under the LED.

You can use the built-in RTC (BM8563) to keep track of time to create custom, specific sleep and wake-up schedules. In deep sleep, the standby current of the entire Camera X can be as low as 10 μA. This camera supports sending images through WiFi and via the USB serial debug port. The bottom HY2.0-4P I2C port output can be connected to other I2C peripherals such as Grove or Stemma QT devices when this cable is in use.

A friendly heads-up: The low-power power management used by the Timer Camera series is different from the CORE and StickC devices. When in use, the PWR button is used as a power-on button (long press 2 seconds). If you need to shut down the device, use the software API or press the Reset button on the PCB.


  • Design based on ESP32
  • WiFi image transmission
  • Timed sleep wake up
  • Status indicator
  • Ultra low power design
  • Built-in 140mAh battery
  • Programming platform: ESP-IDF/Arduino/UIFlow

Kit includes:

  • 1 x Timer Camera X
    1 x LEGO Adapter
    1 x Wall-1515
    1 x USB cable (20cm)

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Technical Details

Quick-start Guide

For customer support, please visit their forum or contact M5Stack directly.


  • PSRAM: 8MB
  • Flash: 4MB
  • Sensor: OV3660
  • Maximum resolution: 300w pixels
  • Output: 8-/10-Bit RAW, RGB and YCbCr output, compression
  • Maximum image transmission rate (OV3660): 2048x1536: 15fps / 1080p: 20fps / 720p: 45fps / XGA(1024x768) : 45fps / VGA(640x480) : 60fps / QVGA(320x240) : 120fps
  • DFOV: 66.5°
  • Battery: 140mAh
  • Net weight: 15g
  • Gross weight: 39g
  • Product size: 48mm x 24mm x 15mm
RoHS 2 2011 65 EU Compliant
RoHS 2 2015 863 EU Compliant