Adafruit Mini Skinny NeoPixel LED Strip - Warm White 3000K - 60 LEDs/m - 1m long

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So thin. So mini. So teeeeeeny-tiny. It's a new 'skinny' version of our classic NeoPixel strips, the Adafruit Mini Skinny NeoPixel LED Strip - Warm White 3000K. This version has 60 LEDs-per-meter.

Each NeoPixel is 'split', one half is the RGB you know and love, the other half is a white LED with a yellow phosphor. Unlit, it resembles an egg yolk. Lit up these are super bright and can be controlled with 8-bit PWM per channel (8 x 4 channels = 32-bit color overall). Great for adding lots of colorful + white dots to your project!

The strip is constructed of flexible black PCB material with weatherproof sheathing and adhesive backing. You can cut this stuff pretty easily with wire cutters. There is a cut line halfway down the strip. Solder to the 0.1" copper pads, and you're good to go! Of course, you can also connect strips together to make them longer, just watch how much current you need! 

You'll get a 1-meter long tube JST SM 3-pin connectors at both ends. Provide 5V on the power pins, and provide your standard-issue NeoPixel (WS281x) data on the third pin. There are 60 NeoPixel-compatible LEDs inside. Don't forget to share the ground pin between the 5V power supply and your microcontroller. Boom - you're glowin' in style.

Don't forget to set your NeoPixel driver for RGBW mode, which is not the default usually. The 4th channel is connected to the 3000K white LED element.

Our detailed NeoPixel Uberguide has everything you need to use NeoPixels in any shape and size. Including ready-to-go library & example code for Arduinos, CircuitPython, and Raspberry Pi

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