Single Black Surgical-Style Mask

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Discontinued - you can grab Standard Adult Disposable Masks - Black Surgical-Style - 50 pk instead!


Not for individual sale, we are gifting one mask for every order in the USA over $1

This is a single disposable PPE face mask for adults in fashionable Adafruit Black. The mask is lightweight, breathable, and constructed with 3 ply layers just like the larger surgical-style masks. These masks are 175mm x 95mm (6.8" x 3.75"). If you're looking for smaller, child-sized masks, we have them here in blue

The outer black layer is water-repellent, to keep liquids from soaking through the mask. The inner layer is soft and absorbent of your breath's humidity, so it's comfy and won't get soggy. The middle layer is what does the filtering. There is a wire at the top that you bend over your nose to keep it in place.

These are disposable, and after wearing for 4 hours, they should be carefully removed and thrown out. Please check this document for information on how to put on and safely remove a surgical-style mask.

Pair it with this gown, commuter hatface shield for protection based on your personal needs. These are not for use by medical professionals, for personal protection use only!

We also carry 50-pack disposable surgical-style masks.