Face-Changing LED Matrix Mask from Lumen Couture

Product ID: 4845


Change your face with this unique LED mask, like it's the return of the classic Nicholas Cage/John Travolta action classic, Face/Off!

Be whomever you want. This Face Changing mask uses the same LED panels from Lumen Couture's matrix line of dresses and hoodies, allowing you to fully transform your face. Comfy eye sockets and ergonomic design allow for long term wear.

This innovative mask is controlled via Bluetooth app and includes presets, text, equalizer effects, and the ability to upload your own images. A variety of equalizer effects respond to sound and music. The mask has a sensor to support hand gesture movements to change your presets. The mask contains over 2,000 individual LEDs with fast response rate supporting realistic effects.

Mask contains eye sockets that allow the wearer to see while wearing the mask and ergonomic comfortable design. Powered by 3 AA alkaline batteries that are included (we also sell extra batteries should you need them.

Play video: Change your Face with this LED Mask

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Technical Details

  • Mask is approximately 8" x 6.5"

Product Weight: 324.0g / 11.4oz