USB Host Switching Cable - Mini Mechanical KVM

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This ordinary-looking USB cable actually has a surprise trick up its rubber sleeve. It's kinda like a 'miniature KVM' (minus the video part, and only one USB port). The mechanical switch connects to the D+ and D- pins on the two USB A host ports. So when you switch back and forth, the USB peripheral connects from one to the other.

So, suppose you're working with Raspberry Pi, a USB Key, and a laptop. You can use this handy cable to switch the USB key between your Pi and laptop. Arguably a rather niche usage, but we find it pretty handy for the programming and testing here at the factory so we picked up some for the shop

Note that the 5V and Ground pins are connected between the two host devices, its a very 'hacky' system - meant for research and development, not for a finished product or anything.


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Technical Details

  • Cable Dimensions:
    • Female socket cable: ~7.5" / ~19cm
    • Male plug cables: ~30" / ~76.2cm
  • Switch body: 52mm x 25.8mm x 31.2mm