LOOMIA Prototyping Packs & Parts - Quick-Start Pack

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Circuit boards power the world but are built for hard goods. LOOMIA makes a new form-factor of circuit—a soft circuit (e-textile) system—that can be used to power soft goods. From automotive to apparel, our soft circuit systems can be used when standard PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) aren't up to the task—bringing heating, lighting, and sensing to car seats, medical apparel, outdoor gear, and more.

Three years of research went into developing the LEL technology, resourcing Stanford’s SNSF lab for analysis and characterization. The resulting, patented technology can be designed to execute a wide range of functionalities.

Looking for a way to quickly get going with LOOMIA? The Quick-Start Pack has everything you need to get off to a running start. Here's a bundle of their components and useful accessories, all in one box.

You will need a microcontroller to control the LOOMIA sensors and elements. A great starter board is an Arduino-compatible like the Metro 328 or Metro Mini.

LOOMIA Quick-Start Packs include:

  • Quickstart Booklet
  • USB Breakout
  • Alligator Clips
  • Resistor set
  • NPN Mosfet
  • Sticker Sheets


  • • 1 LOOMIA Serpentine Bus
  • • 1 LOOMIA Mega Pressure Matrix
  • • 1 LOOMIA Backlit UI Button
  • • 1 LOOMIA Heater

Serpentine Bus: This serpentine has .15" traces making it compatible with our S-Curve and C-Curve samples. Use this bus for additional stretch as it has up to 20% elongation, making it ideal for wearable tech.

Single Backlit Button: The single backlit button is a simple mechanical switch that comes with an LED inside. When you press the button, the circuit is completed, driving your pin high or low. Use the embedded LED to make a glowing power icon, logo, or whatever you desire.

Mega Pressure Matrix: The perfect part for getting both a location and analog pressure read! The 3x3 mega pressure matrix has 6 leads, allowing you to map which point you are at in the 3x3 matrix and get a pressure mapping over a surface. Each area has an analog readout that varies depending on the weight of the item on the pressure sensor. Generally, sensor values will read from 500Kohms to 100ohms depending on the force put onto the sensor.


5V-7.2V Heater: This heater made to work with an off-the-shelf, 5V battery pack or two lipo batteries (be sure both can output 2A safely). The heater will get hotter depending on the voltage you use. The heater warms up quickly with tangible heat within 60 seconds and top heat after 2 min. Use this for heating devices, or for thermochromic effects.


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