Adafruit MagTag Starter Kit - ADABOX017 Essentials

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The Adafruit MagTag combines the new ESP32-S2 wireless module and a 2.9" grayscale E-Ink display to make a low-power IoT display that can show data on its screen even when power is removed! The ESP32-S2 is great because it builds on the years of code and support for the ESP32 and also adds native USB support so you can use this board with Arduino or CircuitPython!

And of course, the Mag in MagTag stands for magnetic. We include an acrylic and hardware kit, as well as 4 magnetic feet with M3 screws. Originally they're designed for RGB Matrices, but they'll do an excellent job here as well. Screw on the feet, and you can attach this display to a metallic shelf, fridge, or bench.

The MagTag has battery recharging support, and with deep sleep, it can run for a few weeks between charges. Of course, you can also run it tethered over USB C.

Here's a Starter Kit for all the parts you need to get started. Now you've got no excuse for not digging in! Makes for a great workshop pack, hackerspace kit, or gift.


Technical Details

Revision History:

  • As of September 20, 2021 - we're updating this starter kit with the MagTag acrylic enclosure and hardware.
  • As of Dec 14, 2020 - we're shipping with a different front silkscreen (black not white) Product is otherwise the same

MagTag features:

  • ESP32-S2 240MHz Tensilica processor - the next generation of ESP32, now with native USB so it can act like a keyboard/mouse, MIDI device, disk drive, etc!
  • WROVER module has FCC/CE certification and comes with 4 MByte of Flash and 2 MByte of PSRAM - you can have huge data buffers
  • 2.9" grayscale display with 296x128 pixels. Each pixel can be white, light gray, dark gray or black. Compared to 'tri-color' displays with a red pigment, this display takes a lot less time to update, only about a second instead of 15 seconds!
  • USB C power and data connector
  • Four RGB side-emitting NeoPixels so you can light up the display with any color or pattern
  • Four buttons can be used to wake up the ESP32 from deep-sleep, or select different modes
  • Triple-axis accelerometer (LIS3DH) can be used to detect orientation of the display
  • Speaker/Buzzer with mini class D amplifier on DAC output A0 can play tones or lo-fi audio clips.
  • Front facing light sensor
  • STEMMA QT port for attaching all sorts of I2C devices
  • Two STEMMA 3 pin JST connectors for attaching NeoPixels, speakers, servos or relays.
  • On/Off switch
  • Boot and Reset buttons for re-programming


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