PPE "The Works" Pack - All In One Protective Equipment Kit

Product ID: 4773
This combo pack is discontinued, but the individual products are still available.
  1. "Basics" Discontinued
  2. "Introductory" Discontinued
  3. "The Works" Discontinued


This holiday season we think PPE will be the go-to gift, so we curated a couple of different packs with various levels of personal protective equipment with the DIY maker-community in mind. Whether it’s a tool for temperature/fever detection or fabric face masks, we’ve got you covered, literally ;)

Our "The Works" pack includes our popular glasses-frame style face shield, 50 pack of one-time-use blue masks, 5 x KN95 face masks, one washable fabric mask, two rubber ear-savers for use with any mask, a finger pulse oximeter, and a contact-less digital thermometer.

When ordered together, save 20% off the individual prices!

Pack includes:

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