PPE "Basics" Pack - Protective Equipment Kit

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  1. "Basics" Discontinued
  2. "Introductory" Discontinued
  3. "The Works" Discontinued


This holiday season we think PPE will be the go-to gift, so we curated a couple of different packs with various levels of personal protective equipment with the DIY maker-community in mind. Whether it’s a tool for temperature/fever detection or fabric face masks, we’ve got you covered, literally ;)

Our "Basics" pack includes 2 x KN95 face masks, 2 x washable fabric masks, two rubber ear-savers for use with any mask, a digital thermometer.

When ordered together, save almost 30% off the individual prices!

Pack includes:

We also carry an "Introductory" Pack and an all-in-one "The Works" Pack!

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