HackSpace Magazine Issue #34 - Discover Feather - September 2020

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Discontinued - you can grab the HackSpace Magazine Issue #25 - Maker Christmas - December 2019 instead! 

HackSpace Magazine is the monthly magazine for the modern maker! Issue #34 highlights the Adafruit Feather, one of our most popular and well-known flagship ecosystem of microcontrollers, single board computers, and add-on boards (FeatherWings).

"… The big advantage of Feather – a wide range of microcontrollers works with a wide range of Wings. This means that you’ve got a huge amount of flexibility in how you create your project. Also, for board makers, it means that you only have to design your mainboard and you automatically get compatibility with hundreds of expansion boards."

Discover the Feather ecosystem that makes the electronics of your projects as simple as slotting the different modules together. Also inside, find out what it take to build a full-sized open source robotic dog from YouTube sensation James Bruton, and much more.

  • CircuitPython
  • 3D printing with silk PLA
  • Make (almost) anything with paracord
  • Learning PCB design
  • Kickstarting an ATmega-based portable gaming station