Simple Flip-Top Face Shield

Product ID: 4609


This is a Simple Flip-Top Face Shield with a comfortable forehead brim in Adafruit black. This face shield does not work well for people who wear glasses or goggles! But it is very light weight and comfortable for those who don't need that extra glasses-space. You could wear this all day long and when you flip it up it stays in place thanks to a little ratcheting screw that locks it at whatever position you place it.

The face shield measures roughly 11.5 " x 6" x 6" / 30cm x 15cm x 15cm with curved bottoms. The brim is 5" x 14" / 13cm x 36cm and is made out of especially comfy fabric.

Pair it with this gowncommuter hatface shield for protection based on your personal needs. These are not for use by medical professionals, for personal protection use only!

Please Note: This is just the face shield and brim, face masks not included.

Technical Details

Product Weight: 0.3g / 0.0oz