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USBtinyISP AVR Programmer Kit (USB SpokePOV Dongle) - v2.0

1-9 $22.00
10-99 $19.80
100+ $17.60
  • Description


    USBtinyISP is a simple open-source USB AVR programmer and SPI interface. It is low cost, easy to make, works great with avrdude, has both 6 and 10 pin standard ISP cables, is AVRStudio-compatible and tested under Windows XP and MacOS X, it may or may not work with your specific Vista/Windows 7 system, please visit the Adafruit forums before purchase.

    Using this programmer and avrdude you can program any in-circuit "serial" programmable chip that avrdude supports (which is nearly all of them). It does not do JTAG or High Voltage programming. You can re-program Arduino's (and 'minimal arduinos') using this programmer. It cannot program chips with more than 64K of flash, such as the Atmega1280/1281, or Atmega2560/2561

    The project is based off of the USBtiny code & design.

    Kit includes all parts necessary, including microcontroller, PCB, and enclosure. A standard USB cable (A to B type) is not included, but they're quite common.

    This device also functions as a USB SpokePOV dongle

    For more information, check out the USBtinyISP page

  • Technical Details

    Technical Details+

    Dimensions (including enclosure):

    • 67mm x 42mm x 24mm (2.5in x 1.7in x 0.9in)
    • 43.5g / 1.5oz

    Comes with a 6in 6&10 pin ISP cables.

    EagleCAD PCB files, schematic, and other downloads available in the product tutorial

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    AVR programmer & SPI interface
    make program; make program; make program;
    Persistence of Vision for your Bike!
    Track your USB juice use!
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