Basic Digital Body Thermometer in Celsius

Product ID: 4596


When you don't need non-contact or thermal imagery, this basic digital thermometer in Celsius will serve your temperature-checking needs. Stick under the tongue or armpit and hold for about 40 seconds until the thermometer beeps and displays the temperature. The thermometer will automatically turn off if no longer in use.  

Normal human temperature range is 36.5°C~37.5°C (97.7°F~99.5°F) . If the thermometer detects lower than 36°C it will display "Lo" (low temp not low battery!)
A temperature over 38°C (100.4°F) means you have a fever and the LCD will display "Hi" (high temp).

If the thermometer does not detect

After use, rinse the tip of the thermometer in cold water (it's water-resistant), disinfect with alcohol or soap, and rinse clean. 

Comes with 1 x LR44 button cell battery. If the thermometer displays Lo that means low temperature (try again, make sure its under the tongue) not low battery!

These are not for use by medical professionals, for personal protection use only!

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Technical Details