Simple 3-Layer Cotton Masks - Child Size - 20 pack

Product ID: 4592
But we do have these as black single masks!


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Here is a 20 pack of cotton fabric face masks for children or those with smaller heads. The masks are lightweight, breathable, and constructed with 3 layers of cotton for comfortable protection.

As they are fabric, these masks should be routinely machine-washed depending on the frequency of use according to the CDC. Use the warmest water setting on the machine. You can either air or machine dry. Please check this document for information on how to put on and safely remove a surgical-style mask.

Pair it with this gowncommuter hatface shield for protection based on your personal needs. These are not for use by medical professionals, for personal protection use only!

One pack per order so we have enough for everyone! Mask brand may vary.

We also have these in adult size.