Feather Click Shield by MikroElektronika

Product ID: 4496


MikroElektronika's Feather Click Shield will expand your Feather projects to "fly" with more than 750 Click boards available from MikroE. This coterie of Click boards gives you a versatile selection of peripheral devices that can be taken off the shelf and used for prototyping in no time. The shield is designed with two proprietary mikroBUS sockets, allowing all the Click board devices to be interfaced with the Feather boards. It is enough to place an add-on board of your choice on the top of the mikroBUS socket - and click it in. Hence why this add-on board is called Click board - it just clicks!

Note: You should avoid adding Click boards with 5V logic output since these boards potentially can damage input pin 3 on your Feather. MikroElektronika does not appear to offer Python, Circuit/MicroPython, or Arduino libraries for their Click boards. That means you will have to either adapt/port their C libraries or find libraries for each Click and figure out any pinouts.

Feather main board is not included, this is just the Click Shield. Click boards aren't included either - you can order them from Mikro!


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Technical Details

Product Dimensions: 96.0mm x 72.2mm x 17.2mm / 3.8" x 2.8" x 0.7"

Product Weight: 36.5g / 1.3oz