Binho Qwiic / Stemma QT Interface Board

Product ID: 4462


This board makes it easy for you to interface your Binho Nova host adapter with up to 4 strings of Qwiic / Stemma QT I2C devices. It also breaks out all of the pins to a series of headers for convenient jumping to other circuits or perhaps your logic analyzer to monitor everything while you develop and debug.

This is the easiest way to use the Binho Nova with our wide range of Stemma QT sensors and devices, with plug-n-play simplicity.

This board is 25mm x 35mm and comes with the connectors pre-soldered. The headers are included but not installed.

Play video: New Products 12/18/2019 featuring Binho Nova Multi-Protocol USB Host Adapter! @adafruit #adafruit

Technical Details



A simple and fun way to communicate with sensors and components using the Binho Nova.
A quick tutorial demonstrating all of the different ways to interact with Binho Nova