USB Type C SMT / THM Jack Connector - Pack of 10

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1-9 $8.95
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If you're a DIY enthusiast who'd like to update your project's connection to the latest USB standard, here is a 10-pack of USB C jack connectors! They're sturdy metal with 4 through-hole mounting tabs and two positioning/shear-protection dots. It's really hard to rip these off a PCB. In an SMT line you can just paste over the through-hole slots, and the pads will solder in place.

We use this connector for our STM32 Feather, USB C Downstream Breakout, and the new Micro Lipo Charger for USB C. So if you've remade something using our PCB files, this is definitely the one to use. We like this connector for its low-cost simplicity - it doesn't have all of the pins, just the basics: power, ground, data, SB and CC pins, so they can be reworked a bit.

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