LED Ring Light - 76mm Diameter

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This LED Ring Light is designed for use with microscopes but we kinda like the design and think it could be a really nice LED element for costuming or lighting effects or... something else? Of course you could also just use it as a great addition to your photo and video projects. It's super illuminating with cool, soft, light, perfect for photo studio lighting. We've also seen these used as microscope illuminators for intense, focused, and shadow-free detail work.

Hook it up with 9V power, and you're one step closer to lights, camera, action! You'll need to provide 9V power, it won't work with 5V for sure. This wall adapter will do the job for when you have an outlet. If you want to power from a USB supply, try this USB-9V booster cable. For DIY connections, check out our 2.1mm male DC plugs.

Note these are not 'NeoPixel' LED strips, you can turn the entire thing on/off or dim it with a PWM power signal but you cannot turn on individual LEDs.

Originally, this ring came with a dimmer, but it was built into the wall adapter so not very useful for portable projects. This guide on analog RGB LED strip control will show you how to dim a 9V LED - you'll want a microcontroller with a PWM output, and a single N-MOSFETs to control the power

There's also three 'set screw' attachment screws that would normally be used to friction-fit these to a lens or cowl. There's no guarantee of how the screws are offset from the power connection, it seems different on each LED ring.

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Technical Details

  • Weight: 41.4g
  • Ring Height: 13.60mm / 0.54"
  • Overall diameter: 76mm / 2.9"
  • Inner diameter: 57.5mm / 2.2"
  • Cable length: 8.5mm / 0.33"


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