STEMMA QT / Qwiic JST SH 4-Pin Cable - 50mm Long

Product ID: 4399


This 4-wire cable is 50mm / 1.9" long and fitted with JST SH female 4-pin connectors on both ends. Compared with the chunkier JST PH these are 1mm pitch instead of 2mm, but still have a nice latching feel, while being easy to insert and remove.

This cable can be used with Qwiic or STEMMA QT boards, to easily connect sensors and drivers from one board to the other. The cables are made symmetrically so don't worry about which side goes where!

The colors are:

  • Black for GND
  • Red for V+ - For Qwiic boards, 3.3V. For STEMMA QT, 3 to 5V.
  • Blue for SDA
  • Yellow for  SCL

For more information about JST SH connectors, visit the JST website

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We also carry this as a 150mm long cable with either female and male headers.

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