Adafruit Feather STM32F405 Express - Coming Soon!

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    ST takes flight in this upcoming Feather board. The new STM32F405 Feather (video) that we designed runs CircuitPython at a blistering 168MHz – our fastest CircuitPython board ever! We put a STEMMA QT / Qwiic port on the end, so you can really easily plug and play I2C sensors.

    This Feather has lots of goodies:

    • STM32F405 Cortex M4 with 1MB Flash, 168MHz speed
    • 3.3V logic, but almost all pins are 5V compliant!
    • USB C power and data - our first USB C Feather!
    • LiPo connector and charger
    • SD socket on the bottom, connected to SDIO port
    • 2 MB SPI Flash chip
    • Built in NeoPixel indicator
    • I2C, UART, GPIO, ADCs, DACs
    • Qwiic/STEMMA-QT connector for fast I2C connectivity

    With CircuitPython basics running on this board, it's fast to get all our drivers working, then use the built in plotter in Mu to instantly get sensor data displaying within 3 minutes of unboxing.

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