Bots! Robotics Engineering with Hands-On Makerspace Activities - By Kathy Ceceri

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    We are very excited to carry a new book by Adafruit Learning System author and maker Kathy Ceceri

    Robots are everywhere! They vacuum our houses, work in our factories, help us learn at school, and play with us at home. They sample rocks from other planets, survey disaster zones from the air, and bring back images from the bottom of the ocean.

    Explore the roles robots play in our world and learn about the history, engineering, and key players from STEAM education expert Kathy Ceceri. Bots! Robotics Engineering with Makerspace Activities for Kids contains loads of hands-on robotics projects that help kids learn design, engineering, and coding. Find out what the future of robotics may bring, and how to develop your own innovative robots!

    It's just as beginner-friendly as our friend Anne Barela's Getting Started with Adafruit Circuit Playground Express, and we love seeing more books covering Microsoft MakeCode! #MakeRobotFriend!



    Intro: The World of Robotics

    Robot … Or Not a Robot?

    Chapter 1: The Development of Robotics

    A Vibrating ArtBot

    Chapter 2: Robotic Shapes and Jobs

    Edible Robot Skin
    Create an Inflatable Robot
    Robot Test Platform

    Chapter 3: Actuators: Making Robots Move

    Solar WobbleBot
    Passive Dynamic Mini-Walker

    Chapter 4: Effectors: How Robots Do Things

    Robotic Hand
    Hydraulic Robotic Arm

    Chapter 5: Sensors: How Robots Know What is Going On

    Tilt Sensor
    Digital Camera IR Detector
    Pressure Sensor

    Chapter 6: Controllers: How Robots Think

    Write a Pencil-and-Paper Logo Program
    Program a Virtual Musical Robot with Scratch
    Build and Program a Recycled Robot with MakeCode

    Chapter 7: AI, Social Robots, and the Future of Robotics

    Teach a Robot to Play NIMBLE