KittenBot IO:bit for micro:bit - Version 2.0

Product ID: 4325


Discontinued - you can grab this Kitronik Inventor's Kit for the BBC micro:bit - micro:bit Not Included instead!

From the creative engineers at KittenBot, this plug-in add on for the micro:bit expands your 'bit to add a bunch more hardware to play with. It's a great expansion shield that breaks out all the IO pins (inputs, outputs), and also adds some extras to make your next bit project shine.


  • All pins are brought out to 0.1" headers that are color coded black for ground, red for power, and yellow for signal. You can breadboard easily by matching up with these premium header jumpers
  • On-board buzzer: you can use the music module in MakeCode to play music, and now you'll get audible beeps! If you want to use headphones, a 3.5mm audio connector on the board is available as well.
  • Two LEGO-compatible pin holes for easy assembly and integration.
  • 5 x alligator clip gold pads, the same as the ones on the micro:bit
  • USB connector with on/off push button switch so you can turn projects on and off - the micro:bit doesn't have a switch which means unplugging instead, this is easier!
  • Includes 1A self-recovery fuse to help keep your projects protected

Please Note: this is only the shield - micro:bit is not included

Play video: New Products 7/31/19 Featuring #Adafruit #PyRuler - Engineer Reference Ruler w/ #CircuitPython!

Technical Details

  • Power supply mode: USB5V power supply. This power supply mode requires pressing the blue power switch.
  • Working voltage: 3V-5V (5V sensor module is not supported under 3V power supply).
  • Output current: 3V and 5V power interface with maximum output 1A.
  • Serial port extraction: serial port can map IO port.
  • I2C port leads: pins 19 and 20 can only be used as I2C function pins. They cannot be read and written as ordinary IO ports.
  • SPI port leads: 14, 15 (IO port can be read and written).
  • Dimensions: 57mm x 44mm x 12mm