KittenBot Meowbit - Codable Console for MakeCode Arcade

Product ID: 4324


Discontinued - you can grab this Adafruit PyBadge LC - MakeCode Arcade, CircuitPython, or Arduino - Low Cost Version instead!

From the creative and cat-lovin' engineers at KittenBot comes the Meowbit - a handheld retro gaming computer for coding your own games with MakeCode Arcade and MicroPython. This design is really fun, with a GameBoy-like shape that can plug into micro:bit expansion boards. The built in display is a 160x128 color 1.8" TFT screen with the familiar ST7735 chipset over SPI. You also get 8 buttons (4-way D-Pad, A and B, menu and reset) to make games or interface with, and there's also a built-in speaker and SD card. For inputs there's a bunch of sensors including a light sensor, temperature sensor and even a 6-DoF gyro+accelerometer.

The micro:bit-familiar edge connector opens up access to many micro:bit expansion boards, but please note that the Meowbit isn't a micro:bit, it uses a different chipset (STM32) and does not have wireless or bluetooth. However, it is a great portable game platform for both Arcade and MicroPython (and you could probably get it working with Arduino or other C platforms, pretty easily!)

Check out these cool features:

  • STM32F401 Cortex M4 CPU with native USB support
  • USB program download port / charging port with USB drag-n-drop bootloader (UF2)
  • Li-Poly charging circuitry and charging indicator LED. Lipoly battery not included, please pick one up separately.
  • 160 x 128 TFT color screen
  • 4 x Direction buttons, A + B Buttons, menu/boot mode button, reset button
  • Light sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • MPU6050 gyroscope
  • On-off power switch
  • 2 x Programmable LEDs
  • Buzzer
  • SD card slot 
  • Headphone "JACDAC" Multiplayer Connector (this is not a headphone audio port!)
  • 2 MB SPI-flash (default download unicode character table)
  • Edge connectors compatible with micro:bit
  • Silicone cover

Note: We have Meowbit in blue and orange, but the selection is random per order. We can't change which one you get!

Play video: New Products 7/31/19 Featuring #Adafruit #PyRuler - Engineer Reference Ruler w/ #CircuitPython!

Technical Details

  • MCU: STMicro STM32F401RET6 Arm Cortex M4 micro-controller
  • Storage:
    • 2MB SPI flash to store Unicode character table (default)
    • SD card slot to store programs or extend wireless modules
  • Display: 160 x 128 full-color TFT LCD
  • Sensors: Light sensor, temperature sensor, MP6050 gyroscope
  • USB: 1 x micro USB port for power and programming
  • Expansion: 40-pin BBC micro:bit “gold edge finger” connector
  • Charging/work LED, 2x user LED, power switch, reset button, DFU mode button, 4x direction buttons, A/B buttons, buzzer, multiplayer connector (15)
  • Power Supply: 5V via USB, or 3.7~4.2V via a Lithium battery pack; output current: 500mA (max); operating voltage: 3.3VDimensions: 52 x 76 x 12 mm