4-H Grow Your Own Clovers Kit with Circuit Playground Express - Soil Sensor Mini Kit

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We are super pleased to enjoy a partnership with an engaging, empowering foundation like 4-H. Here at Adafruit we drive ourselves to "be excellent", and 4-H's motto is "to make the best better." Though typically thought of as an agriculturally focused organization, 4-H today focuses on citizenship, healthy living, science, engineering, and technology programs. As far as inspiring the next generation of makers and leaders, we like to think we have a lot in common!

The 4-H Grow Your Own Clovers Kit is a charmingly easy kit to, well, grow your own clovers! Includes everything you need (except water, of course). 

Clovers need to be watered daily. So why not add a moisture sensor to keep track how those little ones are doing? The Circuit Playground Express Soil Sensor Kit will teach you all about how to keep your plants in good condition, by measuring the soil moisture content using a nail and alligator clip, then display red or green LEDs on the Circuit Playground Express to tell you the state of your clover friends.

No soldering or tools required! All you need is any computer, laptop or chromebook with a web browser and a USB port.

Kit Includes: 

Easy instructions: 

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