STEMMA QT / Qwiic JST SH 4-pin to Premium Male Headers Cable - 150mm Long

Product ID: 4209


This 4-wire cable is a little over 150mm / 6" long and fitted with JST-SH female 4-pin connectors on one end and premium Dupont male headers on the other. Compared with the chunkier JST-PH these are 1mm pitch instead of 2mm, but still have a nice latching feel, while being easy to insert and remove.

This cable can be used with Qwiic boards, to easily connect sensors and drivers to board with 0.1" socket headers or to solder-less breadboards. Or you can always solder to the header ends directly as well. When used with Qwiic the colors are:

  • Red - 3.3VDC Power
  • Black - Ground
  • Blue - I2C SDA Data
  • Yellow - I2C SCL Clock

For more information about JST SH connectors, visit the JST website

Technical Details

Revision History:

RoHS 2 2011 65 EU Compliant


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