Soft Silicone Top 6mm Push-buttons (20-pack) - Translucent

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This product is really annoying to have to write a description for because it's really something you have to touch to understand! Instead of a hard plastic actuator-button, these have a soft molded silicone button top. The underlying switch is still a clicky dome-switch but you have this nice soft grippy button for your fingers. It's incredibly satisfying to press and adds a nice upgrade to what is normally a plain tactile switch.

We use the same switches on our PyBadge board (in SMT format). We've never seen these switches sold anywhere else, but once you use them, they'll quickly become your favorite!

These are the translucent silicone version of our classic 6x6mm Tactile Switch Buttons - same layout and shape so you can drop them in as a replacement. They work best in a PCB, but can be used on a solderless breadboard as shown in this tutorial.

You get a pack of 20.

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