M5Stack Gray Development Kit - ESP32 Dev Board w/ MPU6886+BMM150

  • Description-


    Get yourself a kit that can do it all! The M5Stack Gray Development Kit is a ESP32-based WiFi microcontroller that's compatible with MicroPython and Arduino. It comes jam-packed with Wi-Fi / Bluetooth capability, running at 240 MHz with the dual-core processor and 4MB of SPI Flash.

    Perfect for people who want to make advanced ESP32 projects with a display, user interface, speaker, and a couple buttons. It's super easy to snap in other M5 blocks to add sensors, interfaces or cameras, no soldering required. Upload your code with the built in USB C port, there's example code available on the M5Stack website.

    The Gray M5 Core comes with:

    • ESP32 module, with WiFi / Bluetooth capability
    • 4MB of FLASH
    • Micro-SD Card slot
    • USB to Serial converter built in
    • 320x240 2.0" TFT display
    • 3 User Buttons + 1 Reset Button
    • Small 1W speaker
    • 150mAh LiPo battery
    • Grove/I2C connector
    • M5 stacking GPIO connector
    • MPU6886+BMM150 9-DoF Motion Sensor - this isn't included in the Black Core

    Kit includes:

    • Gray M5 Core
    • Bottom panel
    • 8 x Female/Male Jumper wires
    • USB Type C Cable

  • Technical Details+

    Technical Details

    Revision History:

    • As of Oct 26, 2019 this product comes with a MPU6886+BMM150 9DoF sensor instead of the discontinued MPU9250


    • Input: 5 V-5.5 V @500 mA
    • Interface: SPIx1, I2C(GROVE)x1, 2 x UART, IISx1, TFx1
    • LCD: 320 x 240 Color TFT LCD, ILI9341
    • Weight: 120g with the bottom, 100 g only core
    • Material: Plastic
    • Battery: 151mAh @ 3.7V, Bottom module inside
    • Speaker: 1 W-0928
    • MPU6886+BMM150, 9-Axes Motion Sensor
    • Size: 54mm x 54mm x 17mm with the bottom, 54mm x 54mm x 13mm core-only