Pimoroni MINI.MU Glove Kit - without micro:bit


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    The MINI.MU is MI.MU's make-it-yourself musical glove for young engineers. It's a collaboration between Grammy Award-winning musician-goddess Imogen Heap, creative technologist and children’s author Helen Leigh, Pimoroni, and the MI.MU glove team. This kit uses the micro:bit to create a friendly, simple and fun crafty code experience.

    These gloves are a simplified, kid-friendly version of Imogen's more advanced MiMu gloves, used in her performances

    “I didn’t want to ‘hold’ anything but wanted really detailed control. I didn’t want to ‘break the flow’ of the performance or being in the zone by having to walk over to something to interact with it. The gloves are like a second skin. They are part of me. An extension of me. I become hyperreal. I’m not forced into having to be in one place or stopping what I’m doing.”  – Imogen Heap

    Unlike those advanced gloves, the MINI.MU are lower cost, and easier to make so any kid can build their own. They come with a speaker so they make noise on their own, or you can use the micro:bit's built in Bluetooth LE radio to send motion data from the glove to a computer, tablet or phone.

    We really dig projects that combine science and the arts, especially wearables. Playing around with MINI.MU encourages creative coding and progressing from simple block code and 8-bit tunes to more advanced maker fun.


    • Felt with screen-printed glove patterns
    • MINI.MU sewable speaker
    • Needle and thread
    • Alligator clips
    • Battery pack
    • 2 x AAA batteries
    • USB data cable
    • Instructions how to make, wire, code, and play

    This package does not include a micro:bit - we stock those in the shop so be sure to get one!

    Please Note: Suitability will vary based on experience and knowledge, but Pimoroni recommends this kit as follows:

    • Ages 6 and up: With full adult-assistance for sewing and coding.
    • Ages 8 and up: With some adult-assistance for sewing and coding.
    • Ages 10+: Minimal adult-assistance to get started.
    • Not recommended for makers aged 5 and below. 

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