Bolt-On Kit for Circuit Playground, micro:bit, Flora or Gemma

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You have a Circuit Playground Express, and want to connect some wires to it for adding LEDs or sensors or speakers? You can use our nice alligator clips, but they are a little bulky. If you aren't quite ready to solder to your Playground, try this simple but effective bolt kit.

In this kit comes:

  • 6 x M3 5mm machine steel screws
  • 6 x M3 zinc-plated steel hex nuts 

Using them is simple! Put the screw through the large alligator pads on your board, then wrap the wire you want to attach around a few times. Then screw down the hex nut to hold the wire against the pad. It makes for a compact kit but no soldering required.

p.s. Works great with classic Circuit Playgrounds, micro:bit's, Gemma M0 and Flora too!

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Technical Details

RoHS 2 2011 65 EU Compliant
RoHS 2 2015 863 EU Compliant


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