HackerBox #0041 - ItsyBitsy M4 + CircuitPython + MakeCode Arcade

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We're pleased as punch to carry HackerBox #0041 - CircuitPython! HackerBox #0041 is a super fun and thoughtfully curated subscription box to get started with CircuitPython.

We're maybe a little biased, but we think this is the best HackerBox ever - and not just because we partnered with HackerBoxes on this one to provide the ItsyBitsy M4.

Please note: HackerBoxes require soldering and other common hand tools to put together!

You'll learn how to program embedded systems, cobble together a retro gaming platform with MakeCode Arcade, and more!

This HackerBox highlights one of our favorite boards, the Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4 Express! Small, powerful, with a ultra fast ATSAMD51 Cortex M4 processor running at 120 MHz - this microcontroller board is perfect when you want something very compact, with a ton of horsepower and a bunch of pins. This Itsy is like a bullet train, with its 120MHz Cortex M4 with floating point support and 512KB Flash and 192KB RAM. Your code will zig and zag and zoom, and with a bunch of extra peripherals for support, this will for sure be your favorite new chipset.

HackerBox Includes:

  • Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4 Express
  • Exclusive MakeCode Arcade PCB
  • Exclusive Atari Punk Console PCB
  • Color Display 128x160 Pixel TFT
  • 5 x CR2032 Coin Cell Batteries
  • 2 x Electronic Component Packs
  • RGB 12 LED Ring Module
  • SG90 Micro Servo Motor
  • 400 Point Clear Breadboard
  • DuPont Jumper Wires Male-Male
  • Braided MicroUSB Cable
  • Exclusive Circuit Python Decal
  • Exclusive HackerBox Maker Decal
  • Exclusive HackerBox Iron-On Patch

Play video: New Products 4/11/19 Featuring #Adafruit AirLift #ESP32 #WiFi #BreakoutBoard! @adafruit

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