Joy Bonnet Pack without Soldering - Includes Pi Zero WH

Product ID: 4085
These parts are still available individually!


The Joy Bonnet Pack for Raspberry Pi Zero WH sets you up with the fully assembled Pi Zero WH, and our Joy Bonnet - our most fun Bonnet ever! This Bonnet fits perfectly on top of your Raspberry Pi Zero (any kind) and gives you adorable hand-held arcade controls. Once you install our script onto your Pi, the controls will act like a keyboard, for easy use with any emulator or media player.

This pack is plug-and-play, no soldering or hammering required, so you can get to your gaming in minutes! Perfect for use with MakeCode Arcade

This pack includes:

You will still need an SD card, HDMI cable and power supply to complete your kit! But you probably already have those around the house, so we don't include them.

Check out our Joy Bonnet learn guide for help with installation and usage – you'll be gaming in no time!

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