NeoTrellis M4 Acrylic Enclosure Kit

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So you've got your Adafruit NeoTrellis M4, a cool/witty name for your band, a Soundcloud account, a 3D-printed Daft Punk helmet... so what could be missing from your road to stardom?

The NeoTrellis M4 Enclosure, of course! A super-specifically laser-cut enclosure that turns your 'Trellis into a handheld light/music maker! 


These come with paper backings on both sides (it protects the acrylic while laser cutting and shipping). You'll need to peel those off before assembly.

Play video: New Products 10/31/18 Featuring #NeoTrellis #Acrylic #Enclosure Kit! @adafruit #adafruit

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: approx 140 x 80 x 3mm
RoHS 2 2011 65 EU Compliant
RoHS 2 2015 863 EU Compliant


The NeoTrellis M4 is an all-in-one USB + NeoPixel + Elastomer + Audio board.
Explore and use the contents of your AdaBox 010
Play music on software (or hardware!) synthesizers using the 8x4 button grid, and control pitch bend and mod wheel by tilting the Trellis M4
Create your own soundboard using any 32 audio clips
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