Analog Potentiometer Volume Adjustable TRRS Headset

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Most modern headphone sets are purely digital - with three volume control buttons in-line with the cable. These headphones are interesting in that they have an analog volume control potentiometer. Perfect for use with electronic projects that don't have volume control, or for phones that don't know how to use the digital buttons. There is one button on the headset, often used for 'pause' or 'mute' - when pressed it grounds the microphone pin.

These earbud headphones are the perfect accessory for your FONA - they've been tested to work with our modules - but can be used with any iOS or Android device that uses a TRRS pinout.

The buds themselves are 16mm in diameter and at a nice 46" long.  They come with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, handy volume control box, and shirt clip.

Note: This may not come with a clip.

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Technical Details

Headphone Diameter: 16mm / .63"
Overall Length: 116.8cm / 3.8'



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