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Are you the kind of person who doesn't like taking down the skeletons and spiders until after January? Well, we've got the ADABOX for you. This is electronics at its most spooky! ADABOX 009 is Halloween themed, for all of us who love scares, costumes, and (of course!) candy. OK, so we didn't fill this ADABOX with candy corn, but we did curate a collection of inspiring electronics to make your Halloween more electric. You might have so much fun, you'll celebrate it year round!

Please note! This is NOT the subscription version of AdaBox! This version does not include free shipping. If you'd like to subscribe to AdaBox, please visit the AdaBox page!

With previous AdaBoxes you've built robots and radios, learned CircuitPython, and played retro games. Now you're ready to learn about the spooky side of electronics - this AdaBox features our all-in-one feather board called Adafruit Hallowing! It's got a built in TFT display and plug in sockets for attaching sensors, servos, and speakers. Make a light saber, or a light painting stick, or add a touch of sound and color to your halloween project. We've got tons of awesome projects you can build with this box for costuming, cosplay or just cause it's Tuesday.

If you're an international customer (outside of the UK, France, and Germany), this is currently the only way to get an AdaBox (for now - we're working on it!) and if you're a subscriber who missed out on boxes one and two, a great way to spend your time as you anxiously await AdaBox009.


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