Getting Started with Adafruit Circuit Playground Express - by Anne Barela

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Make: Getting Started with Circuit Playground Express is written by our friend, Anne Barela, author of G.S.W. Adafruit Trinket. Anne is an engineer and Maker with the Adafruit team.

We also have a great bundle that includes everything you need to follow along with the projects in the book, no soldering required!

This book gives you the low-down on microcontrollers by learning how to use the Express with Microsoft MakeCode and CircuitPython. You'll also learn how to configure your board and have fun in the Arduino IDE! Also includes a forward from Limor "Ladyada" Fried (designer of the Circuit Playground)

"...We poured all the know-how and experience we've had over 10 years of selling educational electronics to create something for everyone. Whether you want to build cosplay props, scientific experiments, robotics, or spy gadgets– in drag-n-drop Microsoft MakeCode, interpreted CircuitPython, or Arduino– Circuit Playground Express will be your companion as you learn and create."

Who is this book for? Great question!

"This book is for the enthusiast, the student, the curious person who wishes to expand their knowledge of making through interactivity, sensing, lights, sound... Working with Circuit Playground Express is suitable for beginners who do not know electronics or programming. After you finish reading, you can use this book as a reference for the techniques presented."

The pace is also good for teachers/instructors to get people familiar with programmable microcontrollers. 


  • Introducing Circuit Playground Express
  • A Tour of Circuit Playground Express
    • Circuit Playground Express Outputs
    • Circuit Playground Express Inputs
    • Powering Your Circuit Playground Express
    • Operating System Software Setup
    • Chapter Questions
  • Getting Started with Microsoft MakeCode
    • Connecting a Circuit Playground Express to a Compute
    • MakeCode: Your First Program
    • Uploading MakeCode to Circuit Playground Express
    • Modifying a Program
    • Saving a Program
    • Under the Hood: Javascript
    • Wrap-Up
    • Chapter Questions
  • Microsoft MakeCode and Interactivity
    • Using Buttons
    • Shake, Rattle, and Roll
    • Making the Accelerometer Display Multiple Animations
    • Using the Slide Switch
    • Your Turn: Slide Switch
    • Javascript
    • Wrap-Up
    • Chapter Questions
  • Advanced Microsoft MakeCode
    • Sound and Music
    • Listening for Sounds
    • Wrap-Up
    • Chapter Questions
  • Coding with CircuitPython
    • CircuitPython vs. Other Python Implementations
    • Installing CircuitPython
    • Text Editors
    • Eject or Sync the Drive after Writing
    • Using Mu
    • Creating Python Code
    • Examining the CircuitPython Blink Code
    • Output from Circuit Playground Express to the Computer
    • The Adafruit Circuit Playground Express Library
    • Running Code on Express via the REPL
    • Wrap-Up
    • Chapter Questions
  • Using the Circuit Playground Express CircuitPython Library
    • Reading Sensors
    • File Input and Output
    • Capacitive Touch and Music
    • Emulating a Computer USB Keyboard
    • Mouse Emulation
    • Wrap-Up
    • Chapter Questions
  • Using the Arduino Development Environment
    • The Arduino Programming Language
    • Installing the Arduino IDE
    • Structure of an Arduino Program
    • Uploading Code to Circuit Playground Express
    • Circuit Playground Library Functions
    • Example Code
    • Libraries and Compatibility
    • Wrap-Up
    • Chapter Questions
  • Troubleshooting
    • USB Cable and Power Issues
    • Connectivity Issues
    • CircuitPython Issues
    • Arduino IDE Issues
    • Common Arduino Library Problems
    • Error Messages
    • Usage Issues
    • Manufacturer Support
  • Reference Materials
    • On the Internet
    • Publications

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