Eccentric Hub for TT Motors

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We really enjoy our DC gear motors (a.k.a "TT Motor") but unless you have a 3D printer it can be a challenge to get something attached to the axle. That's why we've got this Eccentric TT Motor Hub - it gives you 2 x hexagonal holes and two circle holes. It's a very good solution to quickly and easily mount custom wheels, cardboard & wood, or other mechanisms to your robot project.

This eccentric hub is just a little bit off center, good for cam-motion or other times when you want to bump or rotate something unevenly. These hubs snap on tightly to your favorite TT motor without slipping off, but you can of course attach it on as well (screw not included)

Comes 1 hub per order, TT motor not included.

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Technical Details

  • Outer Diameter: 19.8mm
  • Width: 5.2mm
  • Center Aperture: 1.9mm
  • Eccentric Hole 1: 1.9mm
  • Eccentric Hole 2 (Hexagonal): 5mm


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