NeoPixel RGB Neon-like LED Flex Strip with Silicone Tube - 1 meter

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No joke, we have been looking for this exact product for over 5 years, and we've finally got the perfect one in stock! You love NeoPixels, and you love silicone diffusion? Peep this NeoPixel RGB Neon-like LED Flex Strip with Silicone Tubing! OK its a bit of a mouthful but check out the beautiful pics! It looks a lot like neon, but without the need for expensive transformers, glass tubing, inert gasses, or a Las Vegas casino license. They look incredible, are super easy to use, and are a great way to make your projects light up!

It's flexible and bendy with a solid chunk of translucent silicone rubber as a diffuser.

The silicone makes for a strong, durable weather-proof casing. While not guaranteed for dunking underwater or long-term outdoor exposure, they're durable enough for projects that have to survive the outdoors, like cosplay, bike lighting or festival decorations. You can cut this stuff with wire cutters.

You'll get 1 meter long tube that is sealed at one end, and has a JST SM 3 pin connector in the input.  Provide 9V (will work) to 12V (ideal) on the power pins, and provide your standard issue NeoPixel (WS281x) data on the third pin - don't forget to share the ground pin between the12V power supply and your microcontroller. Boom - you're glowin' in style. For fixed installations,  For portable use, try our 8 x AA battery packs with NiMH rechargeable or Alkaline batteries. For fixed installs, this 12V 1A adapter will work great. then pick up a JST 3 SM connector set here for quick installation

This strip contains 60 LED along the meter but in groups of 3-LEDs-per-pixel. So basically, in your NeoPixel program, this looks like a 20-pixel-long strand.

Our detailed NeoPixel Uberguide has everything you need to use NeoPixels in any shape and size. Including ready-to-go library & example code for Arduinos, CircuitPython and Raspberry Pi

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Technical Details

  • Power: 10W/M
  • Voltage: DC12V
  • LED: SMD 5050
  • LED Driver Chip: WS2811/RGB
  • Weatherproof Rating: IP65
  • Wiring: Red DC12V, Green Data in 5V logic, Black GND
  • Length: 105mm
  • Width: 12.5mm
  • Height: 22mm

Revision History:

  • As of Nov 26, 2019 - the rubber molding has changed slightly. Functionality is the same

Product Dimensions: 1,000.0mm x 22.0mm x 12.5mm / 39.4" x 0.9" x 0.5"

Product Weight: 300.5g / 10.6oz

RoHS 2 2011 65 EU Compliant
RoHS 2 2015 863 EU Compliant


Great for tracing and writing, this lightbox lets you adjust color and brightness with your phone.
We've experimented to get you the glow you want