Plastic Pop Rivets for Cardboard Crafts (20-pack)

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Enter the world of cardboard construction and build playful robot friends! 

Instead of slapping on tape or waiting for your hot glue to warm up, you can use these Large Plastic Rivets! So easy to install. Just poke them through the cardboard and fasten with the back piece. This will ensure clean, movable joints and attachments. You can even remove them with some effort (but they'll hold as long as you don't pry them apart)

Works best with 2 ply cardboard, cardstock or other paper products that are about 2mm thick. You can connect two pieces together with one rivet and they'll rotate. Two rivets can be used if you want them to stay still.

Grab some cardboard and get making!

Technical Details

Single rivet: 12.8 x 12.8 x 8.9mm


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