DC Gearbox "TT" Motor to LEGO® compatible Cross Axle

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Who doesn't love LEGO® compatible bricks? Nobody! Except when we accidentally step on them. There are soooo many mechanical things one can make with those ubiquitous bricks, plates, gears, pulleys. Say a 13-meter high London Tower Bridge...

But what do you do when you want to add LEGO® compatible bricks and parts to your robotics project? This is the axle you need! Just push the axle housing end onto the shaft of your DC Gearbox "TT" motor, and it's ready to adapt to the standard LEGO® compatible cross axle parts, including gears and wheels. So easy, we think this will enable many creative endeavors.

Comes 1 x per order. Does not include the DC Gearbox "TT" Motor (we do sell em in the shop though) or gear - that's just to show you how it works.

Technical Details

Shaft length: 34mm
Housing height: 8.2mm


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