Black Miniature Metal Webcam Cover

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Let's just say, hypothetically, that someone wanted to take over your webcam and observe your every move. And let's just say you didn't want them to - because, hypothetically, you were building an open-source white hat firewall, or an CircuitPython chaos inciter, or you can only do one pull-up and just ate a whole bag of Bugles.

Then maybe spending a couple bucks on a webcam blocking sticker wouldn't seem so ridiculous. They're pitch black, like an eye-hole-free balaclava for your monitor's built-in webcam, and have an inset, minimal black cover to rep your privacy concerns. The metal slider is super-thin so your laptop can easily shut even if you have the fanciest new Applebook. Also works great on phones and tablets with a flat glass camera area.

Unlike our other Webcam Cover-ups, these have a neat, tiny sliding window, so the camera is not permanently covered.


  1. Clean the camera surface.
  2. Remove the 3M tape backing.
  3. Place the webcam cover over the camera.
  4. Press firmly and hold for a few seconds. It will be fully adhered after 24 hours!

Again, we're not claiming anyone's watching you. All we're saying is that they might be - and isn't that good enough?

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Technical Details

Webcam cover: 11.5 x 7 x 0.8mm 

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