Adafruit IO+ Subscription Pass – One Year

Product ID: 3792


The all-in-one Internet of Things service from Adafruit you know and love is now even better with IO+. The 'plus' stands for MORE STUFF! More feeds, dashboards, storage, speed. Power up your Adafruit IO with the $99 pass for 1 year of the IO+ subscription service, upgrade code sent via email!

IO+ unlocks more data, more storage, and more feeds than our free service.

Upgrading your account to IO+ gives you:

  • 60 data points per minute
  • 60 days of data storage
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Unlimited feeds

You can purchase this code for yourself or as a gift, and send it to a family or friend. Code is redeemable within once you are signed in to your account. The code is not locked to any specific account until it is redeemed.

Please note that this subscription pass is non-refundable.


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