Orange and Clear TT Motor Wheel for TT DC Gearbox Motor

Product ID: 3766


Usually when one needs an orange wheel it's a garnish for a cocktail, like a tasty Sidecar. And speaking of cars, this wheel is for driving, not drinking!

Need a great drive solution for your little robotic friends? This Orange & Clear TT Motor Wheel is equipped with a nice, thick silicone tread and a press-fit design to make connecting super quick and easy. Make cute robots today with a couple of these orange wheels!

Comes one in an order, this wheel is only for use with 'TT' gearbox DC motors.

Looking for wheels in classy Adafruit black? Check out the Thin White Wheel or the Skinny Wheel.

Technical Details

  • Wheel body: 63 x 29mm / 2.4" x 1.1"

Product Weight: 38.0g / 1.3oz


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