Bare Conductive Electric Paint Lamp Kit

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We are no longer stocking this item, but it is still available from the manufacturer


Transform paper into light! This Electric Paint Lamp Kit gives you the choice of three uniquely cool paper lamps.

What's that you say? Tools? Programming? We don't need no stinkin' programming! If you can paint onto paper and do a little bit of origami folding, you can make The Touch, Dimmer, and Proximity lamps! Paint, twist, fold, turn on. It's that easy! All three lamps show off Electric Paint's conductivity and will truly illuminate your home or office.

The Light Up Board needs no programming, works right out of the box, and offers six different LED modes. The simple connector system lets you create lamps on any sheet material

Bare Paint provides a dramatically different method of interacting with electronics, as it can be applied to almost any surface, including cardboard, paper, wood, wallpaper, walls, textiles, and some plastics. Nontoxic and water-soluble, Bare Paint can be used without gloves or mask. The paint dries quickly at room temperature and washes off with soap and water. 

Kit includes:

  • 1 x Electric Paint 10mL tube
  • 1 x Light Up Board
  • 1 x Instruction Test Sheet
  • 3 x Pre-cut & scored templates
  • 1 x microUSB cable (plug this into any USB port to power)

Not included: Power Supply, you can power from a USB hub or port or a wall adapter with a USB plug

Despite being named "Bare" Conductive, it's not intended for use on your bare skin!

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Technical Details

For Bare Conductive product support, email them at [email protected]

Children under 14 years of age must be supervised by an adult.