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Pycom Universal IP67 Case for Pycom boards

  • Description-


    If you have a Pycom board, you probably want to stick it outside. How to do that safely? Behold the Universal IP67 CasePycom designed their own waterproof enclosure with thoughtful push-in tabs to perfectly fit accessory components, creating a water-tight seal. Need to affix your project in place? Not to worry! There are two holes that go straight through the case without compromising the inner compartment. Includes 4 x 9.4mm long screws.

    It's designed by Pycom for their hardware so the mounting bosses fit the devboards they make, but you don't have to use Pycom hardware. The case has perfectly sized spacing for expansion boards or sensor shields, modules, batteries, sensors, what have you! 

  • Technical Details+

    Technical Details

    • Outer dimensions: approx 85 x 85 x 40.5mm
    • Inner compartment dimensions: approx 78 x 64 x 27mm


    Product Weight: 97.0g / 3.4oz

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    Just add a power outlet and a WiFi network and stream time and location stamped environmental readings to AdafruitIO.