E-Textiles Student Kit

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This kit is designed for use with the electronic textiles unit in the Exploring Computer Science (ECS, http://www.exploringcs.org/e-textiles) introductory computing curriculum for secondary students. It contains most of the materials needed for four e-textiles projects: paper circuit, wristband, mural, and human sensor project. The curricular unit is designed to take students new to computing and sewing through a series of projects where they learn simple, parallel and computational circuitry; sequencing, conditional logic, sensor reading, functions, and related programming in Arduino; three-dimensional crafting and design; and computational thinking practices such as debugging, iteration, revision, problem solving, and algorithmic thinking. 

This is the E-Textiles Student Kit, which includes:

This pack is meant to accompany the E-Textiles Class Kit.

As of 1/19/18, this pack no longer contains 20mm Coin Cell Breakout w/On-Off Switch (CR2032) x2