Blinka Ouroboros - Limited Edition Enamel Pin

Product ID: 3637


The ouroboros is a compelling, allegorical symbol appearing in numerous settings of Greek, Egyptian, Hindu, and Renaissance ancient world mythologies. Translated to "tail-devourer" in Greek, the ouroboros represents repetition, renewal, and the eternal loop of time.

Just like CircuitPython. Wait, what? No, really! Hear me out. Python is an interpreted language with the ability to interpret itself. This means we get cool stuff like eval() and lambda(). Heck, you can even build a Y combinator, the function that can create recursive functions. How's that for eating your own tail?

Remember your REPL with this cyclic Blinka enamel pin. We've featured her as a temporary tattoo, a glossy sticker, and an enamel pin with her happily coding away, so you have lots of options for Blinka accessories!

But these enamel pins won't last long, so get yours today!


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