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Mini Power Meter with Voltage, Current, Watts, mAh & mWh Display

  • Description


    This Mini Power Meter with Voltage, Current, Watts, mAh & mWh Display (whew that is a mouth-full) is a lot like the USB In-Line Voltage and Current Meter we carry but can  be used with a wide range of voltages (not just USB connections). Measure the working voltage and current output for any project with this really fancy power meter.

    This power meter has a small LCD display that shows off voltage, watts, amps, and mAH and instantly reads the numbers out for testing devices, such as chargers, cables, and cell phones. There are a few nice extras in this very fancy monitor, such as showing the ambient temperature and calculating the cumulative Watt-hours and milliAmp-hours over a running time. Basically it's an all-in-one power management solution that doesn't require any calculation or data logging on your part.

    You can have it self-power from the power source it's measuring (it has a quiescent of about 20mA and requires at least 3V), or you can power separately from a JST connector or power-only micro USB socket.

    Comes with

    • 1 x 2-pin JST Connector 
    • 2 x Positive Alligator Test Clips
    • 2 x Negative Alligator Test Clips

  • Technical Details

    Technical Details+

    Dimensions: 48mm x 29mm x 21mm / 1.8" x 1.1" x .8"

    Weight: 15g

    • Voltage measuring range: 1.00 V - 100.00 V (when powered separately)
    • Voltage measuring range: 3.00 - 40.00V (when powered by device
    • Voltage resolution & precision:  0.0001V / 0.01V 
    • Current measuring range: 0.0000 to 15.00 A
    • Current resolution & precision: 0.0001 A / 0.01A
    • Cumulative capacity range: 0 to 99999 mAh
    • Cumulative resolution/precision: 0.001 Ah
    • Power cumulative range: 0 to 999999 MWh
    • Power cumulative resolution/precision: 0.001 Wh
    • Power metering range: 0 to 299.999 W
    • Power meter resolution precision: 0.001 W
    • Temperature measurement range: 0 ~ 80℃
    • Temperature resolution/precision: 1 degree
    • Timing maximum time: 999h 59min 59s
    • Timing resolution/precision: 1 second
    • Measurement rate: 2 Hz
    • Display type: LCD module with white graphical display
    • Quiescent current draw: < 20mA
    • Working temperature: -10 to 60 degrees C
    • Working humidity: 10 to 80%