HDMI to RCA Audio and CVBS NTSC, PAL, or S-Video Converter

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    Do you have a S-Video display, projector or monitor that is not compatible with your HDMI devices? Here's an adapter that will allow you to convert HDMI to S-Video, for older video devices that might not have an HDMI input. S-Video has better performance than plain "RCA" composite NTSC/PAL as it separates the color and light level, so if you have a device that can take either S-Video or NTSC/PAL composite, you're better off going with S-Video! Note that you still won't get something as nice as HDMI, as analog is just noisier than high-definition digital.

    This mini HDMI to S-Video signal converter box will convert HDMI video+audio signal to either Composite Video or S-Video - selectable by a switch on the side. You can do either NTSC or PAL encoding, also with a switch. Ta-da! Your HDMI-output-only device can now hook up to your analog TV.


    • Compatible with HDMI 1.3
      Not compatible with 3D or HDCP, so turn those off!
    • Input HDMI resolution: 480p (60Hz), 576p (50Hz), 720p (50Hz / 60Hz), 1080i (50Hz / 60Hz), 1080p (50Hz / 60Hz)
    • Output signal: Stereo line level audio Left and Right as well as Composite Video or S-Video
    • Output video systems: PAL or NTSC
    • Output video impedance: 75Ω
    • Power supply: DC 5V 2.1mm
    • Working temperature: -25°C ~ 75°C
    • Working humidity: 10%–60%
    • Package includes: Converter, 5V Power Supply, 3-channel AV Cable, S-Video Cable and User Manual

    Note: This product does not support simultaneous output of Composite Video and S-Video. Please select either one of them using the switch on the unit itself.


  • Technical Details+

    Technical Details

    • Adapter body dimensions: 110mm x 85mm x 30mm
    • Adapter body weight: 194g
    • AV cable length: 1.5m
    • S-Video cable length: 1.5m
    • Power supply length (wire only): ~42"